Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saying Grace and "Grace"

I love this picture. I used to have one like it hanging up in my house. It has always reminded me of childlike faith. When I was growing up, saying grace was always part of our family meals. In our hectic lifestyles today, saying grace can seem cumbersome and unnecessary. Sometimes the blessing seems a mere thoughtless, repetitive whisper, hurriedly spoken over a meal.

Recently, Jeff and I thought our blessings had become so routine that their sincerity was lacking. So, we began to take special care and give more attention to our mealtime prayers, making sure our hearts were truly thankful.

The idea of saying thoughtful grace made me think about "grace," the word itself. It's a beautiful word, one of the most meaningful in any language. The Greek word for grace, charis, means something that gives delight, goodwill, and favor. It also means God's unmerited favor. Something we can't earn. Something we don't deserve. The free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Amazing Grace!

We can give grace to others. We do so when we show them the truth and when we forgive them, even when we're hurting. We show grace to others when we refuse to return evil for harm they've caused us and when we have courage in difficult circumstances. Grace is like a beautiful swan on water. Moving, yet unmoved by the ripples around it.

In a culture that emphasizes temporal, outward beauty, it's not always popular to strive for an inner quality such as grace. But grace is lasting. It doesn't fade with time. It doesn't require botox or color or lipo. Women of grace have lasting beauty that nothing can destroy. Physical beauty is a blessing, but physicality is a trap that time springs. My hope and prayer is to be a woman of grace, doing my best to be as attractive as I can be outwardly, but more importantly, striving for inner beauty through God's gift of grace.

A few women of grace. . .

Corrie Ten Boom

Ruth Bell Graham

Catherine Marshall

Mother Teresa

My Mom (with my grandson, Caleb)

Please feel free to share your thoughts about grace and add to this list of women of grace.


  1. Such a wonderful tribute to women of God!

  2. The top photo called "In Suspense" hangs in my grandkids room! Don't you love it!

  3. I just found your blogspot this morning...it's so beautiful. Just what I was looking for. I've just started blogging myself, but now that I see your place, it makes me think of giving up on my own little endeavor! So glad I found you...


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