Andrea Tankersley

Writer, Teacher, and Pastor's Wife

God amazes me.  I'm forever astounded by His loving mercy and His active working in our lives.  His holy ways of weaving all the threads of our stories together is so humbling and complete.  Our Weaver intentionally prepared our way before the foundation of the world.  We are made for His purpose and glory.

I have not always sought the depth and purpose of our Father's tender weaving.  I exhausted years in which I lived in anxiety and fear.  I served God.  But, I served Him with human strength and trembling knees.

Our flesh alone always fails.  In my missteps, depression found a corner in my soul, and the lies of the enemy brought torment.  I cried for help, and after years of searching for a life of peace, God's mercy became new, and my life eternally changed.   

I knew self-survival was not my thing and resigned to God's sovereignty.  With His love, He reached, renewed, and restored me.

Because of His mercy, I finally realized a real God.  I realized God . . .

as the soul-searcher,

                                  the heart-healer,

                                                              and the Almighty, my All-Sufficient One.

I now live in the joyful power of Christ's liberty.  And I write from a healing heart of a healing Jesus. 

I hope you will be encouraged by your time here, that you will find a safe space where you can "Be still and know." Your All-Sufficient God, who died for you also lives for you.  He speaks His voice into your life and into your heart.  His words are the only ones that are complete and forever.

Open your heart.  Open your ears.  Open yourself.  You will never be the same....