Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Holy Vision

"Pure as the sun!"

- Stephen Vincent Benet

Silently and smoothly, rain fell, soaking the not so dry ground and creating muddy puddles throughout our back yard.  If only my seven grandchildren had been visiting Papa and Mimi, they would have clamored to go out and test the puddles after the rain had ceased.  And while I would not have relished dirty shoes on my hardwoods and little hand prints on my walls, I would have savored the memories of their happy faces and squealing voices as they carelessly played.

Every potential memory pleases my soul.  When they are out of my tangible reach, it's effortless to dream of their arms about my neck or their sweet voices calling my name.  Each of my grandchildren has a space in my heart, and very few things give me greater joy than spectating as they laugh and pretend and interact with one another.

Celebrating the lives of my children's children is a holy gift.  They escort the presence of the divine into my life when they share their young lives with me.  Jesus said so.  "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matthew 19:14, NIV).

To be in touch with the pure heart of a child is to perceive the kingdom of God.  When our Father looks at us, he longs to see an innocent heart.  To be filled with divine purity is to radiate all that God is so that others around us are inspired, so that those around us are moved toward the cross. Whenever a soul is moved toward Calvary, she sees Jesus, she finds forgiveness, she knows love, she receives peace.  And so much more.

Do you long to see God?  Welcome purity to your heart.  Pray for it.  Seek it.  Grasp confidence in the arms of your Father.  Take a long gaze at Calvary.  Listen to Jesus' heart.  Rest as you absorb the sinless heartbeat of your Savior.  And, cherish the Truth and Beauty He gives your immortal soul.

Your immortal soul has wings....

ref. Matthew 5.8