Welcome, Dear Friend,

I have anticipated your arrival.  Think of this place as your retreat.  A home beside cool waters where we can speak, one heart to another, and receive God's word, spoken from His own heart to ours.  Together with Christ, we will open His word and allow Him to escort us down a divinely romantic path of healing, hope, and transformation. 

Salvation is our miraculous romance.  It is God's revealing of His unfailing and unconditional love for us.  Through Christ, we find grace to live a real life in a real world because He is our real hero.  Jesus.  Our Savior, Deliverer, Master, Kinsman-Redeemer, and Lover of our souls has saved us from the enemy of our hearts and from our own conceit.

Because God has given us grace, because Jesus has given us life, we are able to live freely and walk with a purpose that is divine, one greater than humane, one deeper than human possibility, one far holier than the nobility of this world. 

I want to live freely, walk with purpose, and live in His possibilities!  My hope for you is just the same!  May Jesus Christ overflow your cup with His more for your life.  It is all you will ever need!

Only Because of Grace,