Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiet Places

"Let us have a quiet hour . . ."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Stillness. Solitude. The whisper of the early morning light or the beckoning of the late hour of the evening. It's just nice to find a special time and a simple, solemn spot where we can escape the hectic pace of our day. It's a place to unwind, to find inspiration, and to spend some time with God, to meditate, pray, or search our hearts and minds.

We all need a special time and a special place to be alone and gather our thoughts. I've managed to carve out a few areas in my home where I can find that spot of solitude. Sometimes it's a corner chair in our family room, a little nook in our bedroom, or the breakfast table in our kitchen. The importance lies not in the place, but in the comfort and the refreshment of a few moments well-spent.

Often, I curl up on my sofa and read my Bible. Sometimes, I sit in a chair by the fire and read, and I have been known to sit at my kitchen table and write. Whatever I do, I find comfort in God's word, in hearing His voice; or, I find relaxation with some poetry, a magazine, or a novel. The quiet time leaves me rested. It gives me moorings to live my life. It's a blessing that creates a sure foundation. I have learned a lot about myself and gained much spiritually by taking some time for God and finding some moments for solitude.

I want to inspire you today to create a spot of solitude, a place where you can find blessed, simple moments for yourself and your Creator. It's not only a gift for yourself, but also it's a sacrifice to God and a gift for everyone you love.

Here are a few examples of quiet places . . .

What a beautiful room! Picture is from Waverly Inspirations

Truly a woman's hideaway - from Victoria magazine, January 1998

A simple spot in a bedroom - from House Beautiful Slipcovers

A nice nook for reading - Picture is from Victoria Romantic Window Style

I can't wait for spring! Picture is from Cottage Retreats

Please feel free to share comments! God bless!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I would love to snuggle up with a book on that day bed underneath the canopy. I agree totally with the suggestion of quiet times in order to be refreshed. In the stillness and solitude, sometimes God will move the greatest...

  2. I love quite places, and those are beautiful places to sit and be still.Thank-you for your kind words. I love your blog it is so pretty and full of love.
    God Bless,

  3. Lovely blog. Do I ever love the red toile in some of the pictures. My next curtain purchase (someday) will be toile. I think it would be so fun to have a cup of tea with you & chat. I bet you are a good hostess & neat friend. You should open a B & B.

    From one pastor's wife to another,

  4. Simplicity, Solitude, Silence, and Surrender....these four are priorities in my life and I have a few "Solitude Spots" at my house that I escape to.

    I noticed the picture from Victoria Magazine. I'm delighted they are back!


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