Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

When I was teaching, Monday was not my favorite day of the week. It always reminded me of the seemingly never-ending toil of routine. It was only after I left my career that I came to appreciate the ordinary. Having time to reflect on life, I began to consider the importance of small things, those little details and bits of precious time that mean so much to others around us...and to God.

I went my local library and checked out the Christian classic, The Practice of the Presence of God. Written by Brother Lawrence, a monk in the 17th century, he powerfully reveals the simplicity of his life and the joy that is possible in the ordinary.

Assigned to the kitchen in his monastery, he developed a phenomenal walk with God. He humbly fulfilled the drudgery of his responsibilities, and often worked on the sandals for the others in the monastery. Brother Lawrence lived for God in everything, and in everything, he saw God. He said that it isn't " 'needful that we should have great things to do. . . We can do little things for God.' " And so he spent his life, a meek, broken man, pursuing one thing, a life that pleased his creator.

Most of us do have the opportunity to devote our time so fully to God as Brother Lawrence. We're wives, mothers, grandmothers; we have careers, homes to care for. Dirty diapers need changing, shopping and laundry must be done, along with gardening, cooking, a host of other chores. But if we will choose to find God in our simple, daily tasks, we will have great joy and find deep peace.

Though a quiet, unpretentious man, Brother Lawrence was a mighty example to those around him. Many looked to him for prayer and counsel. And as many are looking to us today, let's be an example of faith and carry a torch for our Lord that nothing can extinguish. Let's be inspired to live lives that find Him in every corner of our world and discover the awesome power we can have in everyday life.

"Give God the praise for any well spent day."

- Susanna Wesley


  1. Hello Andrea,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    I've never heard of Brother Lawrence before, but his writing is beautiful...or was it yours? I think it was both.
    I have to run off and feed my husband, but I'll be back soon!

    God Bless,
    Cori G.

  2. I'm a huge fan of Brother Lawrence and quote him often. I bought his book several years ago and keep it beside. And while I have days when I wish to devote myself entirely to a monastic way of living as he did, I am greatly encouraged by the truth and practice that he lived by...

    that daily, momentary, inward pause that reconnects me with the Sacred.

    So glad you found his work. Truly, a saint. I especially like the words written regarding his final days...about wanting to "suffer" more intensely for his God. So powerful.


  3. Brother Lawrence's writing has helped me accept a simple life that is more behind the scenes than my personality desires....and to make the most daily of tasks a place of worship.

    You and I gravitate to similar things that encourage our pursuit of God as well. Is it possible to read your entire blog in one sitting? I doubt it...and I'm already overwhelmed by the kindred spirit you are becoming through blogging. So, more readings for another day and I will bother you with more of my comments. Keep writing, quoting, and finding beautiful pictures to fill this fellow chronic pain sufferer and Pastor's wife!


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