Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hope Visible

"I must tell you, that in former times men have met with Angels here, have found Pearls here, and have in this place found the words of Life."

John Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress, 1678

Hope Visible

Atop the pinnacle of a vast, golden precipice
You gaze upon my image,
As I wander, walking, wading
Along sugar-white shores,
And reaching, I strive, to grasp,
To gain, to clasp a star
From heavens far above.

Beneath many voices, heralds of my soul,
Sounds of ocean waters, waiver,
Each tossing endlessly against another.
The soft, velvet sand shifts, moves
Beneath my feet, bare, plain,
Searching for a path near,
To find, to know, to trust, to see.

Moonlight glimmers, reflects from
An object below;
I stop, bend, reach, touch
A mysterious treasure that
Dances at my feet.
Taking possession, I grasp it,
Tossing all fear aside.

The shell of the meager sea creature
had washed helplessly on the shore
From the rushing, foaming tide.
Gently, I open the precious pelf,
Waiting, prospecting, expecting,
I find, caressed deeply in its bosom
Is the Pearl of Great Price.

Many years ago I penned this simple piece, a reminder of the human search for truth and hope, which is often filled with confusion and useless gain. So many search for hope, for meaning, for love, but sadly fail to find the truth of Jesus Christ, the real and only answer to all our needs.

Our Heavenly Father longingly watches these dear ones, ever waiting on their discovery of the Truth. What they do with that Truth and the only real resource of Hope changes their lives forever. Some embrace it, some admire it, some believe it useless, some study its unique qualities. Others deny its value and scorn its humble story. But all must do something. All must answer. All must respond to the gift of hope and life. And what is done is etched in the divine documents of God. Written in His eternal sands of time.

Thank you for bearing with me while I took a little vacation. My son and his lovely little family blessed us with a post-Easter visit. We all traveled together to Georgia to visit mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a beautiful time together. Many blessings to all as you prepare for the Lord's Day and as you worship Him in spirit and in truth.


  1. Ah yes ... THE pearl. I often forget the analogy drawn by it, the hope promised in it, and the truth found solely in it. Diamonds and emeralds, while lovely, will not do. The pearl has been granted the hallmark synonymous with the Lord.

    Thank you for sharing your precious poem, and for the pearl of wisdom you speak of.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful word and poem.
    I hope you have a blessed Lord's Day with your family. It's so soothing to come to your blog. May God bless you richly! He is so good!!

  3. That is a beautiful are all of your posts! What one does with the is so sad to think of people discarding this Pearl of Great Price...

    It sounds like you had a wonderful gathering of family. I'm sure it was very special...

  4. Hi Andrea,

    I'm so glad that ya'll had a good visit. And I also pray for your son and family to have safe travel.

    My Grandma went home to heaven this morning and we were all up with her the past 35 hours, so I am probably going to go to bed early this evening and sleep a long time. I'm taking off work the next three days and will be around to check emails but my blog is on automatic posts for the week. I was looking for your email in my contacts and cannot find it. I'm sorry I've misplaced it but can you email it to me please? I will talk with you again soon. I love to hear from you Andrea. You are so encouraging to my spirit! :)

    Hugs & Blessings,

    Katherine :)

  5. Your poetry is lovely, and that from a woman who doesn't "get" poetry. Well done.

    God does indeed watch and long over those who do not know Him. My fervent prayer is that God will make Himself known to every searching heart.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  6. Such a message of hope and peace, sweet friend. I'm not so sure you don't have a future penning books for the women out in the world who truly hunger for MORE of Christ.

    Thank you for sharing. Loved the Poem! My Poet-Clergyman Father would have loved this! His mind is mostly gone now...but I printed out your timeless words (hope that is OK!) to read to him on my next visit.

    You amaze me.

    Love, Rebecca

  7. Such a lovely poem! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  8. Andrea,

    What a beautiful and peaceful blog you have!! I will be back to visit you more. Thank you for visiting me over at The Point. I hope you found something to encourage your heart there. I love meeting new friends and especially GA girls.

    God bless you.


  9. How delightful to discover your beautiful post, Andrea! Your poem is a special blessing to me.

  10. Pearl's are a "white wonder" aren't they. And other jewels have their place.....say like rubies and such. But the pearl is always so linked with the message of love. The pearl of great price is what I think of when I think of pearls.
    Hope you all had a GREAT trip......we did as well.....visiting family all over the place. But it is alot of warfare and tiresome. I'm home now and drained. HA!

    I tell you what.....I just had your site downsized and was reading some e-mails and that Hillsong song came on and I LOVE it and it really encouraged me. I love the music you have on here.
    Talk to you later on!
    Be blessed,

  11. Thank you for your visit today and your sweet comment....I love your sofa in you blog very pretty and I love the color on your walls....
    Mo ;-)

  12. Welcome back! I'm gald that you had a lovely trip and visit with family:) Your poem is absolutely beautiful. It brings such peace and contentment.



  13. I often refer to the pearl when life gets hard.

  14. What an amazing post!! ;)
    Thank you for sharing that wonderful
    John Bunyan quote and gorgeous poem.
    Your words are SO true!!! So glad that
    you had a blessed time with dear family.
    Hope you are having a glorious day!!

    Love in Christ,
    Miss Jen

  15. Welcome back from your travels and visiting Andrea.

    The words the Lord gave you to write down are beautiful! The line that blessed my heart the most today was about tossing all fear aside. When we do reach out and grasp the good gifts He gives, we must do so without fear.

    Blessings to you Andrea, abundant blessings.

  16. You must have had a wonderful time Andrea


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