Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Child of the King

"Dearest Jesus, draw Thou near me, let Thy Spirit dwell with mine; open now my ear to hear Thee, take my heart and seal it Thine."

Thomas H. Kingo, 1699

"She sings that song all the time." To my remembrance, those were the words she said. My young mother continued, her proud voice echoing, conversing, "Andrea always goes around singing 'I'm a Child of the King.'" To whom she spoke, I do not know. My weak memory of early childhood does not serve me so well. But my four year old mind somehow absorbed my mother's words, and my heart had soaked in a song that has stayed with me decades. A song, a hymn of truth, words filled with the love of God, lyrics that yet cleave to my heart with lasting joy, their essence permeating sorrow, their melody piercing through the darkest of nights.

Each time I hear "A Child of the King," I am swept away by the love of God and deeply humbled by His care, His compassion, and His seeds of truth, planted in the depths of the soil of a simple four year old girl, who was not rich, not greatly talented, not from royal stock, not highly intelligent, not privileged in any particular way. Yet, through God's grace, the Holy Spirit created a love for Jesus in the heart of that small girl, who was amazed by a mighty King that claimed her as His own

I remember singing. But I much more recall the radiance that filled my soul when I sang. It was a child's voice of victory. I knew such hope. I felt so loved. I did not understand. But I felt the impact of God's presence each time the pure little hymn raised from my throat and passed through my lips.

That affection poured out early in my life took me through dark valleys and lifted me as I skimmed the rocks of high hills and walked heated desert plains. My parents were Christians. They took me to church each Sunday. They taught me truth. Reared me well. But the most loving, godly parents cannot protect their children from all the evil and heartbreak of the world.

I was shy, vulnerable, easily intimidated, very thin, and had a terrible overbite. Such qualities often invite persecution and abuse from other children. My case was no different. Teased, maligned, tortured, and sometimes physically attacked, I dealt with these torrents. I somehow felt no self-pity. My esteem suffered, but deep in my heart a seed had been planted. The love of the Savior reached my soul early and gave me strength to survive each tear.

The further pain of the loss of my father to cancer when I was twelve continued to challenge my life. Satan whispered words of darkness to a struggling adolescent, who had no idea who she was and didn't understand why she knew such sorrow. But still the song survived. It held me up through confusion and disillusion. Its cry raised hope and kept faith alive. Its truth rang higher in the rafters of my heart than the music of the world and the despair of loneliness.

And now, years, decades later, the song encourages me, for its words are a simple token of my eternal heritage. To be a child of the king is incomparable to the summation of the riches and kingdoms of this world. To be God's child, His daughter, is worth more than material matters, vast lands, or jeweled treasures. I would not exchange His song for all the gold records of this age. Nor would I trade His loving care for a famous title or an immense crown.

And, oh, that my love for Christ would grow! That my life would shadow that of Job, who proclaimed in much affliction, "I know my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth, and after my skin is destroyed, this I know; that in my flesh I shall see God" (19:25-26); and, yes, that my heart be one with Anne Graham Lotz who so passionately exclaims in every situation, "Just give me Jesus."

To be a child of the King. Is it enough for us? Is Jesus truly all we need? Is Christ's presence the cry of our hearts? Do we thirst for Him? Hunger for His word? Joy in His calling our name? If the Heavenly Father were to introduce you to someone today, He would say, "This is my daughter," and "Here is my son; they are precious in My sight, and each one is the apple of My eye."

Yes, you, dear friend, are a child of the King. A diamond in His heavenly treasure. You are rich. Bought with a priceless sacrifice. Redeemed by divine grace through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Chosen as an heir of God's kingdom.

And His eye has been on you from the beginning of time. Before you were formed in your mother's womb, God knew you. Before you were born, He sanctified you (Jeremiah 1:5). Delight in the depths of this knowledge. That you were ordained, planned, loved before time, watched, carried, delivered, and kept.

Father I pray for each precious one who reads here today. May your loving presence fill their hearts with peace in the reality of your faithful care for them. May we all grasp the fullness of this truth. May each one whisper or exclaim thanksgiving to you for your watchful eye. May all know your healing touch in their lives today. May each one sing, "Praise God, praise God; I'm a child of the King."

"A Child of the King" (Verse One and Chorus)

My Father is rich in houses and lands,
He holdeth the wealth of the world in His hands!
Of rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold,
His coffers are full, He has riches untold.

I'm a child of the King,
A child of the King;
With Jesus my Savior,
I'm a child of the King.

"A Child of the King," Words and Music by Hattie E. Buell and Rev. John R. Sumner

Sisterhood Award From Lidj of Crown of Beauty

I want to sincerely thank Lidj from Crown of Beauty for passing along a sisterhood award to me. I am deeply humbled by her thoughtfulness. Lidj has a beautiful blog. It is so full of God's love, and within minutes of visiting her place, you are raptured by her joy and dedication to her Lord. Lidj has a true servant's heart, one that is full of passion for Christ and compassion for others. Please visit her blogspot, http://mla-crownofglory.blogspot.com/. You will be enriched and blessed.

It is such a joy to part of the blogging world, as I have met many Christian women who give their time and talent to others. So, in choosing to whom I should pass along the award has been very strenuous for me. Everyone I have had the pleasure to meet is truly deserving. You are all dedicated to God, love Him with all your hearts, and serve Him with all your strength. You often give of yourselves through encouraging words and comments. And your kindness and thoughtfulness are known to many. I deeply appreciate your friendship and kinship during the short time I've been blogging. Thank you all for being dear sisters-in-Christ! And a special thank you to the following bloggers:

Deanna at http://homehavenministry.blogspot.com/
Katherine at http://countryromantic.blogspot.com/


  1. Andrea,

    Praise the Lord that we are His children and that He loves us no matter what! Although I was not raised in the church somehow I always knew that God was there and I would talk to Him often. Funny how children know God even if they are not told about Him:)

    Also, thank you so much for mentioning my blog-it is sincerely appreciated (and congrats on your award:)!

    BTW, love the new background on your blog-it's lovely:)



  2. Thank you, Andrea, from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your sweet, sweet spirit. Your blogs always touch a soft spot in my spirit. I am so glad I, too, am a child of The King! What a wonderful feeling to know that yes, he loves me too. I can't imagine living my life without my King whom I owe everything to.

    My mother used to rock us kids to sleep with Blessed Assurance each night and I did the same with mine! What wonderful memories!! I will ponder these things in my heart always.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog as well and I am so happy for your award. And I am also happy that you are my sister in Christ Jesus! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

  3. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog. Your blog is so~~~~ pretty! I just love that picture of the cottage kitchen, that's my dream kitchen!
    It would be so nice if you could stop by my Sunday blog it is Spiritual Sunday. It is me and my husbands aunt who host it. It's every Sunday and you do just what you did here, but there will be so many women and men (man) reading your beautiful Christian blog.Here in the link http://bloggerspirit.blogspot.com/ Please stop by and read it I think you will enjoy it.You can get there from my blog as well.
    God Bless,

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Congratulations on the award and thankyou for passing it along to me. I've already been blessed with this award twice but I will add your name to it on my sidebar. :)

    I don't know the song you mentioned but it has lovely works that would be so uplifting to sing. I know how important music is and to praise God with song brings such encouragement and joy in my life. I lead praise and worship at our church and it is such a powerful tool in our lives to sing to the Lord. :)

    Thankyou again for the award, because we truly are sisters in The Lord!! :)

    Hugs & blessings,


  5. First let me tell you how much I enjoy coming to visit you. I always pass by & through the parlor, and I can just imagine us there with some lemonade & choc/chip cookies (I promise to be real careful on the white couch!), joined quite likely by many other cyber-buddies. What simple joy!

    I also loved the little girl picture of you (if that's you).

    And of course I thank you for the honor & privilege of a special sisterhood award. Who would have thought such bonds could form & grow in this virtual place? I am blessed!

    You are a blessing!

  6. Andrea,

    This was a precious post. I couldn't help but hum A Child of the King.

  7. Dearest Andrea, I so enjoy your post.
    You write so beautifully and I'm touched by your words. This post is special because it allows us to understand where you were to where you are today, from a little girl to womanhood.

    The picture of you as a little girl is sweet. My sister wore her hair very much the same way.

    Sorry that you were a target for somes discontent. Look at you now! You have become a victorious person in the LORD that has a tender soul and writes so well.

    Thank you for the award! I'm thrilled and will put the award on my blog asap when my daughter helps me put it on my blog. Thank you for this Sisterhood Award.

    We are Sisters in the LORD,

  8. Dear Andrea,

    Your thoughts are beautiful!

    As a child, my dad would sing a song of his own composition called "Daddy's Biggy Girl." I remember my cheek being tickled by his hairy chest, and the feeling like I was the only one in his world. Yes, music mingled with love impacts greatly.

    Thank you for your ministry!

    With His Love,
    Beautiful Grace

  9. To be swept up in the love of Christ at such a young age is a rare gift; I, too, have always felt God's love and have loved him back. You've weaved a beautiful witness of God's "keeping love" throughout some difficult shaping seasons. Reading this, I better understand why I feel such a strong connection with you. It seems we share a similar heart in so many ways.

    Keep writing your treasures and painting your cottage for me. I'd love a home like the one you've crafted on your side bar. An oasis for a weary world!


  10. I loved what you wrote..."But I much more recall the radiance that filled my soul when I sang. It was a child's voice of victory. I knew such hope. I felt so loved." That special child like trust in the One who loves us most is something we never outgrow. Beautiful and reflective post...

  11. So thankful that I'm a child of the King! Praise Jesus for our wonderful Lord, Saviour, and King!


  12. Hi Andrea... so glad you stopped by to visit!!
    I'm singing the song even now!! With Jesus My Savior, I'm a child of the King!
    Thanks for this sweet post, it brings back memories of my own sweet mama!!
    Where in Alabama?
    Papa and I lived in Birmingham for about 3 years.

  13. Dear Andrea,
    What heartwarming post. I savored every line. I could imagine you singing at the top of your voice... and feeling like you're above the clouds, far for every ridicule or taunting voice, safe and secure, for you are a child of the king. Wow. Beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing. I thank God for through you He has blessed my heart today.

    And thank you for you kind words about me. Thank you. I give it all back to Jesus. For His glory alone.


  14. The little songs and prayers that I learned as a child remain with me, somehow more meaningful than many of today's. Perhaps it is to do with the memory of my dear`mother who taught them to me.
    Thank you Andrea, a lovely post.

  15. It is a blessing to know that there are other women in this big/little world that Love Jesus.


  16. I needed this today as my Dad went in for heart surgery and my Mom-in-love is going in for a difficult oncologist appointment. The cares of the world weigh heavy on my heart...I'm struggling to release them to a great God who cares.

  17. I don't know what brought you to my blog, but yes-I do! It was Him, because I really needed to read your post. If we could sit and talk, I'd tell you just how much it meant to me, and lifted a burden I have been carrying. we have some things in common, and that helps too.
    Your blog is truly one of the most beautiful and loving places I have visited. I thank God for you. I'm putting you on my following list.
    Love, Debra

  18. Oh my...... how exciting, Congratulations on your award!!!!!
    This was such a delightful post.....how important it is to be reminded that we are children of a living King! :) Thank you!!
    May the Lord bless you richly!

    Love in Christ,
    Miss Jen

  19. I am so happy for you that the Lord gave you this song way back when you were so little. What a personal touch from Him that brought you through so much in your early life. I love the Lord for the special touches He has for each one of us. You helped me see that today and thank Him for it. You are a special sister to all of us and I rejoice in your award; it speaks of your precious heart for God and us, your sisters! What a neat photo of your youth. I love it!

    Thank you, Andrea, for passing the Sisterhood award on to me. What an honor. More importantly, I cherish your friendship.

    Love to you!

  20. What an honor to have this award passed onto me my friend. Your blog means so much! I just have to follow.

    Blessings to you as you minister to others...you have a beautiful voice and I love to share the things God has placed on your heart!

    Love, Rebecca

  21. Dear Andrea,

    I think your picture is darlin' and your heart is so precious. May I have a child-like faith like you dear one.

    I am very sorry for your pain you experienced as a dear child and for the loss of your father.

    Congratulations on your award. You are so deserving!

    Blessings to you.

  22. To be His daughter is all I every wanted to be even though I didn't know it growing up.

    I was not raised in a christian home, but the Lord continued to call me.

    What joy Andrea, to have met you through your words. A child of the king...the greatest gift we could every have.

    You are most deserving of this award...thank you that you share yourself with others in this way.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family,

    Lady M

  23. Hi Andrea,

    I always find such peace and calm when I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart, joys, sorrows, and everything in between.I too was one of those shy girl's, but was raised with parents who didn't know the Lord...don't know the Lord and refuse to know Him. It's so heartbreaking, but it's so encouraging to know that He knows them and their hearts. It sounds like you had parents who loved you dearly.

    I hope you have a lovely day!
    God Bless,


  24. Dear Andrea,

    Thank you for joining my blog and making me feel so welcome. I went for a quick visit to Parson's Wife. All I can say is, "Wow". There is so much to assimilate that I must come back with my cup of tea, sit back and draw it all in. I look forward to sharing with so many godly ladies, like yourself, who will inspire me to be more godly and to love and appreciate those things which He has given. His grace and peace to you... Mrs. Teapot


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