Monday, March 02, 2009

One Smile, Twice Blessed

"God will look to every soul like its His first love because He is its first love."

C. S. Lewis

Saturday night I had the exquisite joy of my dear little granddaughter's company. Olivia, who just turned two, spent the night with her mimi and papa. Before she went to sleep, she called my name, crawled into my lap, and flashed her twinkling brown eyes at me. I gave her love, and she sat with me for about five minutes before falling asleep. My husband and I tucked her safely between us in our four-poster bed, which is queen-sized, so needless to say, we were a little discomforted, but still greatly joyed to have her with us.

I awoke a little after seven Sunday morning. Olivia was just beginning to stir. I watched her move, wondering if she were going back to sleep, but suddenly, her dancing brown eyes opened, and she looked right into my face. Olivia, lying there so peacefully and sweetly, then gave me an adorable, angelic smile. My heart melted.

I took that little smile with me all day. Everywhere I went, whatever I did, I could not escape, I did not want to escape, the morning smile of my little granddaughter. It had reached the depths of my maternal emotions and caused me to wonder. If my human emotions were so warmed by my little granddaughter's affections, how much more is God's heart pleased with our love for him? I pondered the innocence of childlike faith and the joy we give our Heavenly Father when we unreservedly and unconditionally show our love for him.

We are all human, and because we are human, we sometimes take our Heavenly Father's love and care for granted. We know He is with us. We depend on Him for protecting us and our families, for watching over our homes, for healing us, for financial blessings, for giving us friendships and success, - for meeting all our needs, for being there, when in one instant, we call His name. In our human weakness, is it possible that we focus more on what He can do for us than how we can serve him and show our love for Him?

I am challenging myself to be more conscious of God's tender loving care and His ever-abiding faithfulness. I want to start this week with a song of praise in my heart for His magnificent love in sending His Son to die for me. I want to show Him my affection for sustaining me and keeping me each day. I want to keep a thankful heart and make every effort I can to let God know I appreciate His many blessings in my life, remembering that one little smile touched my heart, moved my life, and taught me a lesson I hope never to forget.


  1. Just this morning as my 8 year old was readying himself to leave for school, he came in my room and asked for a hug, and then reminded me that a proper hug is one done with both arms and a large squeeze. Of course, I gave it to him in a big way.

    Just as my children want my love and give me theirs so willingly and without question, so goes it with my Father. He wants my love and is gives me his in return, without questions, even when I forget to use both of my arms in return.

    Thanks for stopping in. May God's peace and presence and provision be yours at every turn this week.


  2. Andrea- I love your beautiful site! What a blessing. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will come back again some time. It is always a pleasure to share the Lord's gift with others. I am truly blessed by your presentation. Much love in Christ, Ramona

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for popping by my blog today!
    This is such a sweet post and a wonderful challenge. I think with all the distractions of life it's easy to get our hearts and minds off the Lord. Thankfully He never takes His heart or mind off of us.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.
    God bless,

  4. Nothing to compare to the wonder of a Grandchild of this age. My Grandson is 2 and a half and to me the dearest thing I ever set eyes on.

    Yu can see lots of photos of my garden if y ou click on "My Garden" on the sidebar.

  5. Grandchildren are truly a blessing! Your analogy of childlike faith and joy with our Abba Father was very touching.


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