Friday, October 01, 2010


Summer is gone!  I am not saddened by its disappearance because I do not like hot weather, and I loathe humidity.  What a relief it is for this southern girl to awake to crisp, breathable air each morning! 

The cool air and colorful strength of fall means more than breathable, physical change.  It speaks of a transition time that holds new meaning and purpose.  It begins a journey toward celebration of harvest festivals, Thanksgiving, and the birth of Jesus.

This current fall morning, our forward journey includes the continuing story of the November 2009 fire we had in our home.  I would have never believed it possible!  Who would have known that we would still be in the throes of it all?  Yet, God's good has walked with us and will walk with us through fine details that will be completed.  Through God's grace, we will finish our climb to the mountain above us and look down at the smoky valley with God-enpowered vision. 

What a faithful God we serve!  I could not have walked this way without His presence!  Sometimes Jeff and I pause to question the process of what seems a year of our lives lost to an explosive second.  Yet, God's grace immediately interrupts our pauses, speaking peace, speaking patience, speaking hope, speaking faith, and speaking the reality of what could have been true disaster.

I share a story this fall 2010 morning because of divine intervention.  Sweet Olivia, my three year old granddaughter, was spared injury and possible death from the explosion simply because she didn't want to leave Mimi's house an autumn afternoon in 2009.  If you're not familiar with the story, you can read about it here:

Olivia and her younger sister Ella spent some time with me Tuesday.  While a frozen pizza baked in the oven, we all snuggled up on the daybed in our little walk-through bedroom.  I love cuddle time with my grands and take advantage of every cuddle opportunity.

I was whispering "I love you" in their wee ears when Olivia suddenly lighted from my arms, walked to the bookshelf, and brought me a book.  I saw that it was The Wind in the Willows, a classic that will be fun to share with my grandchildren when they are a little older.  Expecting to read a bit from her choice, I was surprised when she said, "I want to read you a story, Mimi."  Of course, she cannot read, but as any three year old, she wants to believe she can, and I humored her pretension.

"Okay," I said, with no reservations, yet having no clue that God had shown up with a blessing prepared for us.

Olivia entitled the book He Walked the Way.  In hearing those words, I knew our cuddle time was going to be more than our usual grandmother-granddaughters bonding.  It would be a bonding session with Jesus.  God had chosen to sweeten my current fall morning with a real message about real life and real values.  With each of the page, Olivia "read."  I'll share with you her story.

"Jesus had a cross....He had a cross.  He walked the way....He walked the way for Livvy....He walked the way for Mimi....He walked the way for Ella....He walked the way for Papa....He walked the way for Bubba....He walked the way for Mommy and Daddy....He walked the way.  Amen."

Jesus walked the way.  Truth spoken from the lips of one too young to fully grasp her words entwined its beautiful vine around my heart! 

Those words are the summation of our faith.  Isn't His walking the beginning and ending of all our experiences?  Don't the lines in the sandy soil that led to Golgotha's Hill mark every conscious decision of our lives?  Don't the images of Jesus' compassion and his sweat and blood and suffering give us faith that makes us stand when our world is rocked or turned upside-down?  Doesn't his resurrection give us hope that is not tied to temporal things?  Doesn't the vision he gives us reveal the true meaning of living?  

Yes, He walked the way.  He walked a way that was scorched with pain of every kind, so I can walk freely in the Spirit.  Thank you, Abba Father, that you sacrificed your only Son for me, for my family, for everyone of us.  

Jesus walked the way for our freedom, so that we can have salvation, freedom, joy, peace, leadership, deliverance, healing, and so much more.

Whatever your journey requires, Jesus has surveyed your steps.  He has walked your way.  He knows your way.  He is the Shepherd that leads you on your way and will carry you when paths are too rough for your treading.

I love passing Olivia's story on to you!  Rejoice!  You do not have to fear!  You are not alone and never will be!  He has walked, is walking, and will walk your way!


  1. It was wonderful to read the expanded version here :) I've shared "He walked the way" with a couple of other people since reading it on facebook!

    Thanks SO much for sharing it.

  2. Andrea...I love Olivia's story.You should print that out and frame it.

  3. Such a beautiful, sweet post. I always feel so uplifted when I read your posts!

  4. Loving the picture of sweet Olivia's face, and the way God used her precious little heart.I've said it many times ... no wonder Jesus loves the little children...

    Hugs Andrea!


  5. Oh wow--out of the mouths of babes. What a wonderful story. I'm glad to see you here--have missed your postings.

  6. Andrea,
    This was beautiful! No wonder Jesus loved children - they see Him in such a simple and precious (and truthful) way!

    Lately I have been telling my friends how difficult it is for me to trust God COMPLETELY! And yet, what solace I take in knowing that "He has lived my calendar." Every day was recorded in His book BEFORE we were born.

    He knows, He!!


  7. A beautifully renderend non-fictional work from the mouth of a babe!

    Some stretches (ways) seem so trouble & rubble strewn. Thank God He not only walked the way, and walks it still, but He is the very way for us who follow.

    I pray your way in the days and weeks to come is filled to the max with blessings. No doubt that little storyteller will be part of them.


  8. How precious and what a great reminder today! Thanks for sharing this.

  9. "Out of the mouths of babes," indeed! How I love that He sometimes chooses to speak profound truth through our littlest ones. What a beautiful post!

  10. I love little Olivia's picture and her tender heart. I couldn't help but think how she is so much like you....and Jesus! I hope to hear more from this little dynamite!


  11. Hi Andrea,

    I have missed my visits with you and I'm so blessed by your sharing here. Olivia has warmed my heart deeply.

    Indeed Jesus has walked the way. Thank you for sharing this precious story.

    I pray that all is well with you and your family.

  12. Do you know how much comfort I take in knowing that Jesus "walked the way" for me? Ahead of me? Because of me? Therefore, enabling him to know exactly what I'm walking today?

    God's gift of participation in our lives is a precious gift. He didn't have to do what he did... he didn't have to suffer as he did. He chose to, and because he did, I am better able to handle the load that burdens my shoulders this day.

    Love you friend. Glad for the season of rebirth in your home and heart and fully believe that you've only scratched the surface of God's "good and next" for your life.


  13. This post is so special dear Andrea. The picture you posted of Olivia with her sweet smile and big clear eyes... what more could a Granny wish for!

    And the story God allowed her to tell that day, the story that spared their lives, and gave you a fire that will forever change your heart's perspective about life... well it is a privilege for me to hear about it straight from your heart.

    I have known that you had a new post for some time now, but I purposely waited before coming over, until there was an opportune time for me to stay a while and read your words unhurriedly.

    It has been such a blessing being here today.


  14. Hey Andrea!

    I loved this! Olivia's childlike faith and understanding speaks volumes of the redemptive work and sacrifice that He made for us! You've got a little preacher/teacher there!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  15. Hey Andrea! OUt of the mouths of babes! He said and the little child shall lead them. Could this be what He meant?

    God Bless!

  16. Andrea, Wow! I moved by this post in a great way, God's way. Thank you for sharing Olivia's story. I wanted to say I'm so blessed that you found my Blog today, thank you for your comment it made me smile inside out, I look forward to visiting your blog.
    God bless you & precious Olivia
    Michele Katherine

  17. This was so much more than precious...

    I really needed to read this line...
    "Isn't His walking the beginning and ending of all our experiences?" glad I stopped by tonight....

  18. This is so beautiful. Perhaps that is why Jesus urged us to come to Him as a little child.

    God bless you...

    ps. you have such a beautiful blog, so peaceful.

  19. Andrea,

    What a beautiful story!!! The Lord is always with us and I am ever so thankful for His love! Thanks for sharing His love with all of us:).




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