Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Running Risks

Last week was filled with days of dappled clouds; some of them poured rain with profuse drops.  The coincidental cool air created perfect moments for curling on the sofa with a fleecy throw, a cup of Earl Grey, a passionate devotional, and ears to hear water drizzle and God's voice whisper.

A lone, misty afternoon in the center of the week gave me that opportunity.  I thought I would use the clammy weather and quiet time to read, pray, and ponder.

Before I could make a nest on my sofa, my plans changed.  Faint squeals broke through my God thoughts.  I peered through the blinds of my backdoor.  Four little feet were running up the walk.  Four little eyes were fixed on their goal, looking for their mimi to help them over their final hurdle.

When I opened the door, Olivia, my three year old granddaughter was drifting behind her twenty-one month old sister, Ella.  Olivia was running.  Ella was racing.

I have never seen a baby hyperventilate, but I thought Ella just might provide my first opportunity.  I could hear and see her breathing.  Her vast brown eyes on her sweet, small face were looking up and straight into me.  Her thin, brown pigtails were bouncing.  Her tiny baby teeth were shining.  Her rosy cheeks showed baby bliss.

Ella's passion bubbled over.  Yet, she was running too quickly, and stumbled, and fell.  Her tiny, less than two-year old legs could not support her massive zeal.

Before I could move out the door to pick her up, Ella had picked herself up, rushed, and jumped into my arms.

She had no bumps, no scratches, no bruises.  Only smiles and hugs and kisses and an innocent, loving look that poured purely into my soul and melted my grandmother heart.

That passion of my brave little granddaughter has now become my personal desire of imitation.  Her quick little steps convict me of soul neglect and remind me of the joy of the One Who always waits for me. 

God waits.  Jehovah-Shammah, The Lord is There, anticipates my running to Him.  He longs for my unreserved rush into His always open arms. 

And, I should, in kind, anticipate the arms of my Father God and race toward Him, undaunted, with whole attention, gazing upward and inward into His holy countenance.  My soul should long for His embrace with uncontainable excitement and leaping faith that does not care about the dangers of the hard ground beneath my feet.  The risks of bumps, bruises, scratches, and skins should mean much less to me than missing my Father's arms.

God's open arms must mean more to me than the bruising language of another who had rather I just "work" for Jesus than sit as His feet.  His waiting presence must mean more to me than the scratchy experience of being misunderstood by those who see my God-moments as a waste of time.  God's courts must mean more to me than the jabbing voices within my own fleshly self that mourn for more television and extra personal pampering, and God's receiving of me must mean more to me than ideas of others who think I overspiritualize life and frown on my desire that God see me as His pure lover.

As Ella ran up the merciless, ashen pavement, I am quite sure she knew she could fall.  She is a smart little lamb.  Her senses are very keen.  Her mocha eyes miss little.  Yet, her mimi's arms were worth the risks to her. 

My Father's arms of love are worth all possible risks.  Risks must lose every persuasion on my soul.  I must bow my being, every fiber of me, before the God of the universe, my God, the Lover of my life, and allow His light to permeate my self-consciousness and fill me with God-consciousness. 

Let's let go of our risks. . . .

Let go of all risks. Grasp courage.  Allow God's glory to diminish any thoughts of painful reaching for His love.  Embrace the gritty texture of danger and run boldly and fearlessly on the coarse concrete ground below.  Clasp in your heart contented dreams of leaping into your Father's arms.

Grasping, Clasping, Running, Leaping,   

"My lover spoke and said to me, "Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me" (Song of Solomon 2:10, NIV).


  1. So wise, heartwarming and beautiful post ! It goes straight to our souls... You made my day :) Thank you !

    Have an inspiring and so blessed week :)


  2. I can just envision those darling grands running headlong to their grand mama--such sweetness..how can you bear it? It is a delight to the soul to think that we can do the same-- running to our Heavenly Father as carefree children abandoning fear and worry.

  3. Dear Andrea, You blessed me by visiting my blog; don't know how you came except that the Spirit directed you to me so that I in turn could read this-so incredibly timely and so true. What passion your words stir in my heart for more of the Father. I've joined in following you because you point me to Him. Hugs and blessings,

  4. Hi again, I forgot to tell you that I too have a granddaughter named Olivia but she is just 2. Also have 6 more with one due in the next week.

  5. Andrea...thank you for stopping by my blog...I will certainly be following yours now, as I can see the Lord is using you to relay His heart to others! I was so blessed by this post...I love how God speaks to us through "everyday" occurrences...God is so consuming...so awesome in every way. God bless you sister...I'll be stopping by often!

  6. Andrea,

    This message is so very beautiful. How wonderful to know that our Lord will always be there for us with open arms:)!



  7. What a beautiful analogy! Isn't is wonderful how our Heavenly Father speaks to us so clearly through our children and grandchildren? I want to let go of any real or imagined risk and race unabashedly into His arms....

  8. "Risks must lose every persuasion on my soul."

    Sounds a whole lot like a growing, forward-moving faith. I pray the only persuasion of my soul be one that authors from heaven!

    Me too, a thousand times over.


  9. You captured God's expectancy well and His amazing love for us comparing it to our grandchildren's zeal to love on us. Can't get a better visual than that (except maybe..our own kids!) Love their names...Olivia and Ella, so feminine; I'm wondering what their names mean. Your blog is so lovely, Andrea, just like you.

  10. I haven't been to your blog in weeks, and now that I'm here, what a delight to find that everything has been made new! The title is beautiful, and so is the verse that you used on your header. It is one of my favorites...

    So quiet, so serene is the atmosphere that I find on your new blog place.

    I am sure that your home is now in its final stages of repair, and if I may guess, it must also be undergoing a transformation, and so is your heart!

    I love this post. There are risks that God wants me to confront this year...you put it so beautifully into words!


  11. Hi Andrea! I love that Song of Solomon quote. Isn't it fun being Mimi? I am Grans and Granny. I love my little bugs and their generous warm hugs!

  12. There is nothing quite as sweet as your grandchildren running to meet you! Wow, how I have enjoyed that! I know our Father wants that same response from us as He loves us so.

  13. This speaks to me on a very, deep and personal level for a whole variety of reasons. And, get this, one of my friends just gave me a shirt with these words on the front:

    "Yahweh Shammah -- The Lord is There."

    God's timing is amazing.

    You've blessed me greatly today.

  14. Oh the zeal as you put it dear friend, is when we let go of everything that holds us back from reaching our goal...and that is to be complete surrender to Him! Our Lord delights in our lvoe for Him...but I think what brings Him much joy is when we can truly say...I trust You Father. I know You love me...I know You will always be there!

    Just precious...


  15. Your posts always touch my heart.
    Hugs, andrea

  16. What a beautiful post, Andrea! We do need more of that childlike joy in our loving Lord, and need to remember those strong arms of love always open to us. I'm looking forward to my little grandsons running into my open arms in a couple of weeks. Such a wonderful blessing!

  17. My own grandmother's heart skipped a beat as I read this! Oh, yes! To fearlessly run and leap into the Father's arms!

    I like your hairstyle in your profile picture. It's different, I believe...

  18. WOW, what an active and BEAUTIFUL blog! Thank you for sharing your heart, and commenting on my blog. It was a pleasant surprise!

  19. Great post! Thank you for stopping by my blog:) Love meeting another woman who has been married as long as I have with grandbabies:)))

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  21. Dearest Andrea,
    What true thoughts....
    SO beautifully expressed!!

    Love in Christ~ Miss Jen
    Psalm 16:11

  22. I haven't commented in soooo long my friend. I love this post...but then I've come to expect only the finest of words from you. You are so full of wisdom and I can feel the Holy Spirit pour Himself out upon me whenever I read your writings. You are so gifted.

    Thank you for visiting. Been missing you.

    Love, Rebecca

  23. Dear Andrea,

    I noticed today that you became a follower of my blog a while ago. Today I came over to visit you and what a breathtakingly beautiful site you have here and your post filled my heart so. I have become a follower of yours today. I will be back to visit again. Please stop by and visit me again too. I love the company.


  24. As always, your writing moves me. What a beautiful picture of how we should approach, pursue, and desire to be close to our Lord.

  25. Well, for me, Andrea, we could substitute the word "control" for "risk." The hardest thing in my life is to let go of my illusion of control...even knowing that it is illusion! Thanks so much for this post. We all need to hear this often! C

  26. What a lovely post and a beautiful blog! I'm so delighted that you visited for you brought me here, and what an absolutely delightful discovery! And such an inspiration you are! Thank you for touching my life today!!! ~Janine XO

  27. Hello,dear Andrea!-)*

    Thank you SO much for stopping by me...and for you lovely,kindnest words!!!

    Have a joyful week,my dear friend,

    Much love and blessings,


  28. Andrea.....Your words blessed my heart so. I love to imagine running into Daddy's arms and becoming lost in His embrace! Oh, what joy!!!

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful posting with us!

    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  29. Beautiful and true.
    What a wonderful surprise and I am sure you were happy to give up your quiet time to be with your dear grandchildren.

  30. Andrea,
    What a gift this post was. I'm going to visit my gradnson who lives in Georgia (I'm in California) and I can't wait to watch him running. It was nice to find your blog. Stop by and visit my blog if you can. Blessings, Sherry

  31. great post and nice blog. that is my second visiting to your blog and still silent with God. God bless you

  32. I just spent a few days with my two precious granddaughters, so I connected with this post. How empty my arms feel now that the little girls are so far away. How the arms of God must feel when we wander and stray.
    Thanks for this post.

  33. God's open arms. What an image.

    I love this post.

    I always feel refreshed after I've visited your blog.



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