Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Feast of Light

"Hail, holy light! offspring of heaven firstborn!"
John Milton, Paradise LostStillness and solitude settled in our quaint cottage. A quiet somber mood created perfection for reading, relaxing, reflecting. Sorely needed self-time was set. I looked forward to a few rare, valuable moments. I was going to read by the fire and bask in its soft glow as I waited for friends to arrive.

It was a late fall evening. Crisp and cool. Just right. I had made vanilla coffee and sprinkled in a touch of cinnamon. Arranged white china cups and saucers, all lined with silver and brushed with delicate blooms of green, on the counter. Placed vanilla scented candles in the kitchen. Warmed the guest bath with french soap, sweet towels, and lavender mist .

Then tired by the preparing, I looked at the little toile wing chair by my fireplace. It indeed beckoned. "Get a book and rest with me a while. You have a half hour before the doorbell rings."

I quickly found my nearest read. To sit, clear my mind, rest, and relish inspiring words would be tonic.

Two minutes later darkness fell. Suddenly. Lights went out. All shut down. And quiet and solitude turned to a little knot within, as I grasped through pitch to find candles, remembering my only phone was dead.

God had planned a different way for me. Knowing my steps were ordered by him, I made do. Lit wicks, set candles about, pulled lace panels back to let a vague glow from a near street light stream into my living room, and waited.

One hour later lights were on. Friends arrived. Coffee made. Again. Candles still shining upon the mantle and scattered throughout my living and dining rooms, soft lamps glowing, and a chandelier burning created light within light. It was a feast of light. And the radiance of all spoke comfort. It was as if darkness never happened.

I have never liked darkness. I love no light when sleeping, but so welcome early morning sun pouring through bedroom windows and soft lamps that cast sweet glows through our little rooms in evening hours.

Light is a gift. The first earthly creation of our heavenly Father. "Let there be light." God called, commanded to darkness, and formed day. Illumination came to earth. A channel for realization. Clear vision. For the purpose of seeing. For the purpose of revealing. That He is good. That He alone can give light. Is light.

The Apostle John spoke of this seeing. ". . . the life was the light of men," he said, speaking of Jesus, Who was "phos," the Greek word John used to tell that Jesus was God's divine light. God in the flesh. God's rays. Real illumination.

Jesus, this divine light, told us Himself that He is the light of the world. He met a blind man one Sabbath day. A man whose only hope was begging for mercy and money from people who passed his way.

Christ's disciples just had to know. "Why is this man blind? What did he do that was so bad God struck him with darkness? Or, did the man's parents do something to cause it? What happened?" *

Do you hear 21st century voices in the disciples' questions? Begging to know? Longing to be let in on the secret? Denying restrained curiosity? Trying to shake out the truth.? The story behind the story? Isn't that just like us? We want details. To understand. Perceive. Know.

Jesus knew sincerity. They wanted to understand, and He understood. He answered. ". . . this happened that the work of God might be displayed in his life. . . . While I am in the world, I am the light of the world."

Jesus then began to heal the blind man. Christ spit on the ground. Made mud for man. Again. Put it on his eyes. Told him to go. To wash.

And the blind man did. He went. He washed. Returned. Healed. Saw. Believed.

When they were informed of the healing, quite a controversy erupted among the Jews. Their Pharisaical hearts could not bear such light. Jesus could not be from God because he healed on the Sabbath! Voices raged! Words flew! The healed man was cast out of the synagogue.

He then turned, and followed the Light. The Light of the World. The Son of Man who left heavenly dominion to bring judgment to earth, so that the blind would see and those who see would be blind.

The healed one's spiritual journey began.

Seeing Jesus also begins our spiritual journey. To behold Christ's glory. To hold His beauty in our hearts. To follow His light. To believe, pisteuo, as the Greek says, to entrust our lives to Him and commit to His name.

How can we see Him? How can we know Him? Right here, right now?

Listen. . .
Jesus ascended a high hill. Sat among so many, all were hungry to hear. Thirsty to know. Craved real. Had to have Truth.

Christ spoke. Taught. The truth. Jesus told the only way. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."

And the original Greek meanings of these few holy words tell much. Promise great.

Pure is to be sanctified by fire; cleansed, like a vine pruned and fit to bear fruit.
Heart means of will or character; the seat of thoughts, desires, purposes, endeavors.
See is to gaze at something remarkable with wide-opened eyes; to know by experience.

The word "see" in Greek seems to work at many levels. It seems to speak to layers of vision. It speaks of our earthly walk with God. What we can have right here and now! And it tells of our possibilities for depth in the Christian life. Lovingly, Jesus left us with a map for seeing.

Process. . .
Through God's refining fire, His painful, but needful pruning process, everything about us, our hopes, dreams, plans, thoughts, desires, personalities, all are affected. We are changed. Like the blind man, we are healed. Transformed. Delivered. Visioned.

When allowing Jesus full reign in us, He uses any process He wants, even if it means we don't like it, don't understand it, and think it's painful, makes no sense, and is a bad choice.

We hear His words. We obey His voice. We go. We're cleansed. And filled. And healed. Changed. Forever.

Our hearts are pure. We are never the same! And we see God!

We return from our obedience, our washing, seeing Jesus. Able to behold Who He Is. The Son of the Living God.

We are transformed. The old ways mean nothing anymore.

We no longer crave the usual! We must have Jesus! We must follow the Light!

And this beautiful process God works in us time and again, changing us from "glory to glory" through His Spirit.

Layer upon layer. Design upon design. He moves. Works. Renews. Transforms.

Our vision grows clearer and clearer. We see Jesus more and more. Our faith grows stronger and stronger. Our love for Christ grows deeper and deeper.

Like an account of high-paying interest that multiples funds, like a small tree that once planted grows great, so is our faith in Christ! It grows and accumulates heavenly treasure and earthly fruit.

We feast upon His light. Know vision by His radiance. Perceive reality through His love . Our eyes behold manifest glory.

We see Jesus! And we are never the same again, again, and again!

Scripture is from St. John chapter 9; Matthew 5:8; 2 Corinthians 3:18.
Greek resources are from e-sword.
*My paraphrase.

My Dear, Dear Sweet Friends,

I so apologize for my recent lack of posting and commenting. Our lives have been a bit overrun lately with things beyond our control.

My husband will have a heart catherization Tuesday morning. His mother will join us today, and will be able to spend a week with us. She is a wonderful Christian and a sweet, loving woman! It will be a great blessing to have her near. We are hoping and praying for a good report, and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers very much.

God has been and is so good to us. Jesus never fails! I thank Him for His saving grace and strength.

I want to say a prayer for you this Lord's Day. You are all so special to me, and how I appreciate your faith, love, and support. Have a blessed Sunday and joy-filled week!

Dear Jesus, I thank you for each one of my blogging friends. You know their hearts, their needs, their hopes, their dreams. You see all. You care for all. Oh, Lord, You Who formed us know us best!

I pray for encouragement. I ask You, dear Father, to keep them all. To give them physical strength and joy in their hearts.

God, You cannot fail us. You said You would never leave us or forsake us. You are here. Right now. May we all sense and know your presence and peace that passes all understanding.

May we look to You. May we seek You. May our eyes be opened and You give us greater and greater vision to see Jesus.

In Christ's Name, Amen.


  1. HI!!
    I understand we will add your hubby to our prayer list and pray God watch over him during this procedure!!!
    God will give you peace for this my dear!!!
    hugs tonight,
    love Thomas Kincaid painting

  2. My dear friend,

    I was just thinking of you a few moments ago. I shall be praying for your hubby on Tuesday and that all might go well and be well.

    Today will be a rather sad Sunday as it is my husband's last Sunday at the church he has pastored for 15 years. We are confident that this is what the Lord would have us do, but we will be leaving a very precious church family.

    Thank you for the wonderful devotional. You have the gift of words and I am always so blessed by them.

    Pray for us as we pray for you.

    *I have seen that Light and I too shall never be the same.*

    God Bless,
    Your friend in Christ Jesus,


  3. Thank you for the precious words and prayer Andrea. I so long to hear and see more with my spiritual eyes and ears, through uncompromising faith. This was a Sabbath encouragement today!
    Prayers for good test results and a week of joy with your Mother in law.
    Love Robin

  4. Hi Andrea!
    I'll be praying, too. How nice to have your mother-in-law around for a week!
    I love your message about the light. Appreciating LIGHT as a gift from Jesus and a strong metaphor serves as a HUGE encouragement to my soul today!

  5. Andrea,

    Your post really blessed me this morning. I went to church last night wanting something soothing in the message, but it was all about service. It was a very good message, but it wasn't what I needed, you know? Anyway, this post was what my tender soul needed this morning.

    I will pray for you and your sweet husband. It sounds like your MIL will be a great source of comfort to you and him. Mine has just been wonderful to us in all this. We are blessed to have dear women for MILs.


  6. Andrea,

    How wonderful to read that you and your family are doing well. I continue to pray daily for your husband and will continue to do so. May the Lord bless you all in the coming weeks of hospital visits and recovery:).

    As for today's post it is inspirational as always. I could feel the Lord's loving spirit as I read your prayer and I thank you for that dear friend. How amazing is this thing called 'blogging' that we are able to meet such heartfelt friends that are so many miles away. Ah the Lord does work in so many ways and in so many places:).

    Blessings to you and your family,


  7. I've been away for awhile, so took some minutes to catch up with your life. I am thankful that Jeff's life has been spared and will be praying for the accuracy of and clarification that the heart cath will bring to bear on his health needs. Nothing takes God by surprise or makes things clearer for HIM! May the hours and days find you growing more and more confident in His steadfast love, mercy and grace.

  8. Dearest Andrea,
    Thank you for this wonderful post! :)
    It's always a JOY to visit you...
    Hope you are having a Sweet Sabbath
    and basking in God's mercy and goodness!

    With Much Love in Christ~ Jen

  9. Andrea
    Thank you for such a sweet prayer, and I receive it in Jesus name! I too will continue to pray for you and your family,especially this Tuesday!

    I am so touched by your words of encouragement today. Andrea , you are truly gifted by God in your writing, and I thank Him that you are using your gift and talents for His Glory.

  10. Dear Andrea,
    What a lovely prayer.
    Thank you for this.
    Have been praying for your husband and all.
    God bless.
    May he have a good report this week.

  11. Oh dear Andrea,

    The waiting, the unknown is something that is quite frightfull. But please remember...He is the Light of the World...never forget that He knows what is happening with Jeff and He is keeping you and your darling husband close!

    Praying, my dear friend, that the doctors' hands will be steady and sure and that once this is over, you will look back and Praise with a glad shout...Alleluiah!

    May the Grace and Peace of Our Lord fill you,

    lady m

  12. Dear Andrea,

    Thank you once again for sharing such beautiful words with us! Jesus is truly the light in our lives and we must always look towards Him to see the way that He has planned for us!
    I shall continue to keep your husband and your family in my prayers. How wonderful that you will have your mother-in-law there to help and support you!
    Thank you for your prayer - so wonderful!


  13. Thank you for reiterating something so central to our faith. Perfect love casts out fear, but Jesus the Light is very important too, we never see anything as being one-dimensional after we start looking through his eyes, nothing can ever be the same, and that is the way its supposed to be in following His Way.
    You need Prayer Warriors around you at this time so I'm glad He has sent you one!I'll be thinking of yous.

  14. I have been storming the heavens on your behalf and now I know why. I will step it up. Please keep us posted on your hubby's progress. Know there are many praying for you and your family.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  15. Dar Andrea...

    I love the way you write. You are blessed. BLESSED! Your words are a gift to me.

    Praying...lifting up your precious husband to the Most High. May Jesus be with you in a most special way. Thinking of you and trusting...

    Love, Rebecca

  16. I have read several posts this evening about that precious thankful for that Light...and your beautiful post and prayer...

    Will be praying for peace and comfort during the heart cath and believing for a good report...

  17. Beautiful words and sweet encouragement for us ~ Thank you, dear Andrea! I will certainly be praying for you, your dear husband and the drs. and for your precious mother in law. Of course she wants to be near her son at this time.
    Keeping our eyes focused on The Light of the World.

  18. Your words make me long for heaven when there is no need for the sun because God Himself is the light. I cannot comprehend how God can light up the whole of heaven for all eternity. That is something to look forward to.

    I pray for a speedy recovery for Jeff. Will he have stents put in together with the angioplasty?

    Praying for you as well.


  19. Andrea,

    I only read this Tuesday evening, after the catheterization must have already happened. I will be praying for success of the procedure, complete healing and for wholeness and renewal of health.

    This post was lovely and gave me much to ponder.

    With His love,

  20. Hope all went well today, I thinking of you and praying for you all. Blessings.

  21. Oh how true, when we see Jesus, we are never the same again!

    Praying that the Lord's strength sustains you during this week. May the Lord Himself guide the doctor's hands and heal your husbands heart.

    With prayers and love,


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